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Tasty Jewel game is in high demand and preferred by many, learn more about it and how to play it through this article.

Tasty Jewel game is in high demand and preferred by many, learn more about it and how to play it through this article.

Tasty Jewel

Tasty Jewel Joy is a puzzle game in the match-3 genre.

To collect them, you must match three or more similar ingredients.

Pay attention to each level’s step limit and finish the task before the timer runs out. Score more points by completing combos!

Tasty Jewel is the most famous game in the world of the game online.

To complete the tasks in each level of this 60-level big match 3 game, we must match the sweet jewels to pairs of three.

The following are the tasks: Within a certain number of moves, you must achieve a certain ranking, delete the backgrounds, or match specific styles.

So far, it has been as we’ve seen in other games in the genre.

How to Play

This candy box includes priceless jewel candies! Combine and match them to make exploding ones!

It will assist you in breaking down barriers in your path.

The classic turn-based match-3 arcade awaits you, complete with a variety of challenging levels and modes!

Match the jewels and have a good time! Remove all barriers and allow the candy to fall.


To break all the squares underneath the jewels, match jewels on every square. Following that, a magical candy will appear. To win, let the candy fall off the surface.

To complete a level, you may need to free the jewels from chains or break walls.

Each stage has a maximum of three stars.

When you cross 160 stars in the previous universe, the next one becomes available.

Make matches of 4 or 5 to launch meteors, which will assist you in completing the level, to make the game saga more enjoyable. Meteors will either crush the squares underneath the jewels or the jewels underneath the candy, causing the candy to fall to the ground.

Advanced features in the Tasty Jewel  game

If you still don’t have enough, you can dig for gold and diamonds in the Gold Rush mode with tasty jewel Game.

To get a bomb or a magical gem, match 4 or 5 jewels. To strike more jewels, use rockets, fairy jewels, and flashes. Extend your time by matching clock jewels.

The whole game is available for free.

Finally, There is no way to purchase anything.


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