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Conan the Cimmerian books review

conan the Cimmerian Robert E. Howard books

Conan the Cimmerian books

There are three different Conan the Cimmerian books that are authored by Robert E. Howard. The three books include The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian, Conan of Cimmeria: The Bloody Crown of Conan (Book 2), and Conan of Cimmeria: The Conquering Sword of Conan (Book 3).

Robert E Howard
Robert E Howard

About the author

Robert E Howard is the best short story writer who attained a huge reputation through the interesting stories that are composed of American history. There are many strong characters that are created by the author in the books such as Conon the Barbarian, Solomon Kane, Bran Mak Morn, Kull of Atlantis, El Borak and Dark Agnès de Chastillon. The author passed away in a tragic incident in 1936.

Conan the Cimmerian books
Conan the Cimmerian books

The three Conan the Cimmerian books that are written by Robert are published by wandering star in the UK and by Del Rey in the US.

The coming of Conan the Cimmerian

Conon is the fictional hero who is famous as a swordsman and cuts the swath in the lands of Hyborian age. The person will be fighting with the sorcerers, endangered creatures and harmful reavers and thieves. This person has a black hair, sullen eye and a sword that is held in hand. He has the jewelled throne of the earth under the feet. The author has written this story 12 years before the tragic incident of the person committing suicide. He has come up with this genre that is known as sword and sorcery. There are 13 different stories that you can read in this book and have the best pictures that are drawn by the famous artist Mark Schultz. There are thirteen stories, where each one belongs to a different genre. The dark fantasy genre such as the tower of the elephant and the swashbuckling adventure that is in the story, queen of the black coast are interesting. It also includes the stories such as the Phoenix on the sword, the scarlet citadel and black colossus. There is an imaginary world of Conan that is beautifully written by the author. The timeless stories of Conan are a raw and a deadly youth and a daring thief, pirate and a commander of the army. The stories are told in a bold style.

Conan the Cimmerian books
Conan the Cimmerian books
Conan the Cimmerian books
Conan the Cimmerian books

The Bloody Crown of Conan

This is another book that is co-authored by Robert E Howard. The book also falls into the genre of sword and sorcery. It is the fantasy book that has many bold elements, especially the Conon the Cimmerian who is the slayer, barbarian, king and a reaver. There are three lengthy and most famous Conan stories that are illustrated in the book. This book has become a massive hit. Undeniably, the bloody crown of Conan is a marvel that is generated by this author. It has various fantasy and horror elements that glue the readers to their seats until they finish reading the last page.

The People on the black circle

Between the towering crags that are built-in Vendhya, there is a citadel with a black circle. The Yasmina character in the book tries to take revenge against the black seers and want to get hold of the golden throne. The only friend of her is the only enemy who is Conan, the outlaw chief.

The honour of the dragon

It is the one that is toppled from the Throne of Aquilonia, who is a deadly wizard and evil machination. It is the job of Conan who would be in the pursuit of the most precious jewel that is called as the heart of Ahriman to save the crown and life. The readers would enjoy going through this full-length Conan story. There are a few situations that are narrated in the story are similar to the ones that were explained in the previous short stories. There is a deep exploration of the Conan character in this story.

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A witch shall be born

This is a beautiful story that would mesmerize you. The eloquent writing by the author would make you visualize every scene. The story is about evil beauty and an enslaved queen. The kingdom would be in the hand of the ruthless person. Conon would plan a sketch to fight against the human-wolf that had thrown him in the desert to die. The story is narrated from the perspective of a soldier where the role of Conon would be reduced. However, the story is compelling to read.

The Conquering Sword of Conan

This is another instalment for Conan series where there are five stories that feature Conan who is the legendary Cimmerian. The five stories that are narrated in the book are – the servants of Bit-Yakin, beyond the black river, the black stranger, Man-eaters of Zamboula and red nails. There is a continuous adventure that you can experience while reading the book. There are many vivid and florid scenes. This book also belongs to the sword and sorcery genre. He gave life to the archetypal adventurer, who is known by the name of Conan in the book. The book has the work of Howard and the pictures that are painted by the artist Greg Manchess.

The best story that depicts the beauty of the book is the black stranger which comes after the black river. Conan would get out the prison and lands in a dispute over the jewels between the pirate groups. The hero does the adventure and conquers the wealth.

Overall Conan the Cimmerian books

The book is a great entertainer for the people who like reading short stories and interested in the fantasy genre. You would get introduced to the universe of Conon, which is a fictional character and is introduced as the popular Barbarian by the author. There is nothing much one can say about this series; they are fun to read by the people irrespective of age. The plot of the story would be simple. Conon would encounter a problem that would be by the evil sorcerer. The problem would be solved by Conan with the help of this sword or by hitting the antagonists in the story with the fists and by doing some adventures.

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