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101 cult movies you must see before you die

Steven Jay Schneider book

101 cult movies you must see before you die

Are you a movie buff and would love to watch all genres’ movies and look for cult movies list? Then, without a second thought, get this book home today. It has the list of 101 cult movies that are released to date. You have to watch all these beautiful movies before you die. Steven Jay Schneider, who is the author of 101 cult movies you must see before you die, has compiled all the cult movies at one place. It has cult movies that are produced in different languages globally. People who love cult movies can watch all these movies by knowing the names. These are the best cult movies that are made.

101 cult movies you must see before you die
101 cult movies you must see before you die


Steven Jay Schneider

Steven Jay Schneider is the most famous film critic, scholar, and producer who holds an M.A degree in Philosophy from Harvard University and holds a degree in Cinema Studies from New York University. Many books have been written and edited, most of which belong to the world cinema. The notable work of this author is in the horror genre. He works as a consultant for movies, television, and video/DVD production companies. He also curates the horror film programs. Besides all these, he is also a member of Paramount pictures. This person has given around 501 Movie Stars and 501 Movie Directors. The book 101 cult movies you must see before you die is co-edited by Ian Haydn Smith.

Every movie discussed in the book is a gem and a marvel that every film buff should know and must watch before they die. A few of the notable cult movies listed in the book are Barbarella, Un Chien Andalou, and The Blues Brothers. However, people who have not heard of these movies must immediately watch the work done by the directors and actors in these movies and have fun to the core.

The book is an ideal introduction to the cult movies created by the innovative directors who have been working in cinema for a long time. You can find the film that is 100 years old—much would-be thinking of what it makes a movie to be called a cult. There is a devoted fan base for the cult movies. These movies are an ideal introduction to diversity.

There are many reasons for the movie to get the cult status. The films such as Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Pink Flamingos are called cult movies, as these have attained a huge success after its release in no time. These movies are made with a small budget and never expected that they would strike the right chord of the audience and become a massive hit.

The way of storytelling, film making, and the controversial stance taken by the people or the subject’s narrow appeal would category these movies as a cult. There are a few movies that would attain the cult status after a long time of its release. Though these are not commercially or critically successful, they would create a revolution in cinema. Few of the movies are made so that these are not trendy, fashionable, and find it challenging to get the audience who appreciate that work.

A few movies such as Harold and Maude and Plan 9 from Outer Space are beautiful, but when unnoticed by the large group of audience. The next generation has declared these movies to be cult and a must-watch. Few more movies, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, have got the cult status after its release despite being produced by the big production house due to the dark matter and offbeat subject. With the change in the taste of the audience and tolerance, the list of 101 movies went on to entertain the audience across the globe.

Even people who are not native language speakers of the country that have produced these movies found the movie appealing and gained commercial success. These movies have never lost their cult status. After gaining insights from the film critics, film academics in the world, and film historians, the list of 101 movies offers a lot of knowledge and insights about the phenomenal and remarkable masterpieces ever made in the movie history.

It is the homage paid to the 50-foot woman, imaginary friends, pink elephants, and large arachnids. The book has many colorful cult movies that you should never miss watching them. These movies are unforgettable and made significantly by the directors. The profile of each film is illustrated in the movie. The cult movies would ideally not grab the audience’s eyeballs and would be declared as a bomb at the box office, but later they would gain the devoted fans. Few of the cult movies are too good while few are too bad to be good. Few would have the comic adventure while a few others would fall into the horror and adventure genres. Every cult movie has in common that the films never die; instead, it would stay in the hearts of the audience for a long time. A few of the best cult movies that have gained vast popularity and until today are entertaining the audience. These include – Reefer madness, easy rider, and a touch of evil, taxi driver, and attack of the killer tomatoes, the incredible shrinking man, night of the hunter, the wiz, Barbarella, and so on. The book covers each film’s profile along with the plot summary, cast, and credits list. There are also a few interesting facts about the film are described in the book. The movies are arranged in chronological order for each decade starting from the 1920s. You can also find the stills from the films and ad posters. There are around 200 illustrations in the book.

Overall : 101 cult movies you must see before you die

It is the best book that every film buff has to be read to learn about 101 cult movies. It can be read by all the people irrespective of age. You can decide what to watch this week after going through this book. It is also helpful for kids who want to expand their knowledge of movies beyond the new movies that are released today. It has movies of different genres.

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