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1001 smartest things ever said by Steven D. Price

1001 smartest things ever said book review

1001 smartest things ever said :

If you are interested in reading a witty collection of quotations, then this book is for you. It would reflect the existence of humans, hope, and achievements.

About Steven D. Price

Steven D. Price is the editor of the Lyons Press. Alongside this, he is also the author of more than 23 books. The notable books authored by this person include 1001 Dumbest Things Ever Said, The Quotable Horse Lover, The Ultimate Fishing Guide, and Old as the Hills: The Story of Bluegrass Music.

The book 1001 smartest things ever said are the most exciting and fun to read the book by all the people irrespective of the age. The book has five different genres, such as political, love, old sayings, and more. The quotes would be of 20 to 100 years. The back section of proverbs would be by Aesop. People love to make a note of the sayings that are stated in this book. Every quotation that is in the book has a lesson for a person to learn in life. It is also a wake-up call for them. The book 1001 smartest things ever said teaches a lesson to humans in a humorous way. It is the best book that has a collection of quotes. People who love reading quotes would fall in love with this book.

People who would be searching for unusual quotes would find this book to be helpful and useful. The book 1001 smartest things ever said has a collection of quotes that are written by both famous and infamous people.

These people include Pope John XXIII, Elizabeth Kenny, Confucius, Alice Walker, and Lyman Beecher, Robert Louis Stevenson, Charles Dickens, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Susan B. Anthony, Albert Camus, Aristotle, Euripides, Rabbi Hillel, E. B. White, Sir Winston Churchill, Carl Jung, Bruce Barton, Josh Billings, Franklin P. Adams, Charles Bukowski, Pope John XXIII, and Maitri Upanishads.

1001 smartest things ever said by Steven D. Price
1001 smartest things ever said by Steven D. Price

The author has put together all the quotations said by famous people in one place. The book is organized into six different categories. These include – life and death and what happens in between these two, love and friendship, success, and other ways to attain success, the life of the mind, politics, and politicians, and proverbial wisdom. In the last section, you can see the list of people who have given the book’s quotation. Many great people have contributed to the quotations such as creative thinkers, excellent writers, artists, and politicians. The quotations that are given would give you the delight and enlighten you in many ways.

1001 smartest things ever said by Steven D. Price
1001 smartest things ever said by Steven D. Price

Though the quotes are 25 words, there is a lot of wisdom that the person wants to share. There are truths and knowledge that you see in every quote. Every quotation that is in the book is a point to discuss by the people. The quotes are true, have a lot of wisdom, and give a lot of insights. The readers who have read this book are expecting the sequel of this book. The quotes that are given in the book would apply to everyone in their lives. The high schools need to teach these quotations to the students to get the real meaning of life. The points that are taught in the quotation would enrich the students. Though the book is of 500 pages, every page is worth reading.

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No matter whichever page you skim through, there is a lesson for you to learn in life. The lessons you learn would make you a better person. The quotes are short and would give mental penetration.

The quotes in the book say that people are unreasonable. You would need to love them in the way they are. Few are illogical and self-centered. It is fun for people to go through this quotation book. Though few of the quotes are read in other places, it is good to have all of them in one place. It is a motivational book for people. It fuels their self-confidence and would give the energy that is required to achieve in life. The best quote, “forgive everyone everything before you got to bed every night.” When a person reads this quote, it calms their senses and makes them rethink their decision to take vengeance. They can go to sleep peacefully while forgiving friends.

The quote would give you the required strength, courage, confidence with the experiences you face in life, and when you look at the mirror, you see no fear in the face, when you look at the mirror and say to yourself that you have gone through this horror. You would be ready to take up the next challenges that life throws at you. Eleanor Roosevelt gives a beautiful quote. Every quote has an in-depth meaning. Another section by Robert Louis Stevenson states that you “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” Many more beautiful quotes build your confidence level.

There is a love and friendship quote that is given by Blaise Pascal, which states that the heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. The smart things must be filled in the brain to keep it active and to think optimistically. The quotes are grouped into categories that would reflect the existence of humans, hope, and achievement.

The quotes listed in this book would offer the energy beyond what you get in the gym or running. These will remind you why you should push the body, mind, and spirit to attain physical and mental wellness. By reading this book, you would get to learn new quotes that keep you motivated always.

Overall : 1001 smartest things ever said

This book is highly recommended for people who want to improve their lives. The first thing that the book teaches you is that the friends would know you better than the acquaintances that you are there with throughout the lifetime. The book 1001 smartest things ever said has quality quotes. There are around 20% of success quotes that are written in different ways. 10% of quotes would offer you with interesting yet non-repetitive thoughts. The words are an eye-opener for us that gives you great fun and perfect fit.

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