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Do you have got phone calls from a Verizon phone number, but don’t know who it is? Well, the best way to find out is by doing a Verizon phone number lookup!

Similar to running a, you can search any Verizon Wireless phone number to see who it belongs to.

Verizon customers used to use Verizon White Pages to do a reverse phone search, but now this is no longer available.

Next, we answer the questions; 1) What’s A Verizon Wireless Phone Number Lookup?, 2) What Happened To Verizon White Pages?, and 3) How Can You Do A Verizon Phone Number Lookup?

What’s A Verizon Wireless Phone Number Lookup?

A Verizon Wireless phone number lookup is performed by searching online to see who a specific Verizon phone number belongs to. This is done when you receive a call from a number you don’t recognize. It’s important to know who called you, especially if it’s important person like a doctor or business client.

When running a Verizon phone number look up, you’ll be able to know who the number belongs to, their current job, what city they live in, and other like information.

What Happened TO Verizon White Pages?

We do not know exactly what happened to Verizon White Pages. Verizon customers used to use it to do a Verizon phone number lookup.

It appears as though Verizon decided to move away from having its phone directories and own online paper.

The only way to get a physical paper Verizon directory is calling them directly.

How TO Do A Verizon Phone Number Lookup

While Verizon White Pages no longer available, you must use an online service to make a Verizon phone number lookup. A reliable service that is usually used is Kiwi Searches. Now, here’s how to make a Verizon phone number lookup using it.

  • Step 1: Visit –
  • And Step 2: Enter THE Phone Number INTO THE Site’s Search Box.
  • so Step 3: Click “Search”
  • Step 4: A Search OF Kiwi Searches Database and Public Directories Will Be Conducted.
  • Step 5: View Your Results and Find Out Who THE Verizon Phone Number Belongs To!

Now you know how to make a Verizon phone number lookup yourself! Kiwi Searches is the best reliable and trustworthy way to find information about the number’s owner.


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