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Selected poems of Rilke : Everyone loves poetry, and it is considered to be the best way to express your joy, sorrows and feelings on anything. There are many authors out in the market who writes elegant prose that takes you deep inside the thoughts. If you love poetry, then the book that is written by Rainer Maria Rilke is for you. The book is released with the name, the selected poetry in both English and German language. The editor of the book is Stephen Mitchell, and the introductory part of the book is written by Robert Hass.

There is a huge popularity for Rainer Maria Rilke poetry in the US. In fact, there was a huge craze for the poems that are crafted by this author way back than it is today. Despite being 50 years of his death, but the poetry still remains in the heart of people. Undoubtedly, Rilke is the most compelling poet who writes romantic poetry. The poetry would also have a tinge of romantic transformation to the spiritual quest. The poetry was pretty famous in the 20th century. The poems give a lot of happiness to the world and give a lot of fascination for the readers.

In the poetry that is written by Stephen Mitchell, the readers who are going through the poetry have discovered the rendering of English that would give the intensity of lyrics and fluency. There is huge applause for the Rilke poems than ever before. Mr Mitchell is flawless to adhere to the text of Rilke, the music and intricacies of his thoughts. However, the work of this poet has its own power and authority. The translators who were translating the poems were able to balance the fidelity and originality which the author has brought without any efforts.

Selected poems of Rilke : About the author (Rainer Maria Rilke)

The author was born in 1875 and has passed away in 1926. He is one of the finest and greater lyricists and poet whose works are predominantly in two languages, i.e. German and English. He was born in Prague and got his first poetry book published with the name Leben and Lieber at the very young age, i.e. 19 years. In 1897, he got to meet the beautiful lady who is the daughter of a Russian army officer, who has a huge impact on him. In 1920, the two became good friends, and she worked as the secretary. For 12 years in Paris, Rilke enjoyed the poetic activity thoroughly. Later, he left to Switzerland in 1919 where he has spent the last days of his life and authored two books that have gone to become a massive hit. The names of those books are Duino Elegies and Sonnets to Orpheus. The author has a huge love for literature, history and philosophy and is considered to be one of the best poets of the 20th century in Germany.

Rainer Maria Rilke,1900
Rainer Maria Rilke,1900

About the book “Selected poems of Rilke

The selected poems of Rilke are a real miracle that has a collection of poetry that is not produced ever in this century. This book is best in the English language version. The poetry of the poetry, Rilke would stand out from the philosophy of Nietzsche and the sculpture of Rodin. Every page in the book would immerse you in the world of poetry where it beautifully takes you on a journey of early exploration of love and death. There are other elements that you can experience in poetry, such as ecstasy and anguish. The poetry is preciseness about the alienated terror. This edition of the book has the whole text related to Duino and appendix that is in fragments with the selection of poetry related to the Sonnets to Orpheus. You can feel the poetry and makes you feel like it is originally written in English. It is the best book for poetry lovers and students who are pursuing their studies in literature and literary criticism. The translator who has translated the book has won many awards and brings his skill as a translator. He has translated one of the finest works in German to English.

Selected poems of Rilke book
Selected poems of Rilke book

The selected poems of Rilke have the pain that Rilke has gone through in his life. He has a terrible childhood and was born after the girl child, who died in infancy. The mother of Rilke tried to be strong for the loss of the baby. The tales and prose that were authored by this poet are naturalistic and has an eye for detail about things and people. The biggest task of life is to correct the tendency to be subjective and reverie. He made sure that every poem that is crafted is not just a personal thing but has some form of art. The poet has used the words from dirt to stars. When you get deeper, you will get to understand the in-depth meaning of the verses. The book has amazing works such as Duino Elegies, Sonnets to Orpheus and others. He wrote about different stages of human life. The poetry is arranged chronologically you can see the progressing from an artist to a seeker.


Selected poems of Rilke :The translation work is amazing. The ability of the translator to turn the German book into English needs a lot of efforts. Latin poetry is beautifully turned into English poetry, which has an in-depth meaning. The work of Rilke is like lyric philosophy, and the ideas and richness of imagination are overwhelming.  You get to enjoy the beauty in being lonely, the meaning of void in life and self-discovery at the time of loss. The poetry would make you experience the world deeply. After reading the book, one would never let escape from sorrows rather experience them

Overall about Selected poems of Rilke review

The translation is an amazing piece of work. Though the translations of many poetry books are there, this one stands out. He used beautiful words that make you feel that the author is wrestling with angles, peeling the skin and counting the seeds. The poetry would engage both youngsters and adults. The poetry takes you to the world of life where there would be a void between love, sex and death. The translation work receives a special note.

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